Arkiv Sörmland

– historical documents from the private sector

Arkiv Sörmland was founded at a constituting meeting April 4th 2013. The organization was formed through a fusion between The Archives of Industry and Commerce in Sormland (founded in 1996) and The Popular Movements Archive in Sörmland (founded in 1966). Arkiv Sörmland works with the preservation of historical documents from non-profit organizations as well as companies, economic associations, press, real estates, farms, local householders’ associations, and persons.

Please contact us – by letter or e-mail – for further information.

Arkiv Sörmland
Kriebsensgatan 4
S-632 20 Eskilstuna


Arkiv Sörmland helps organizations och companies in Sörmland to handle their archives. Photo by Theo Erbenius.